Thursday, May 2, 2013

{thirty-three weeks}

well. i'm officially 33 weeks and GROWING!! this is the first bare belly pic i have posted but i thought i'd show you how much i've grown and he is defiantly dropped! my "morning" ok let's be real "all day sickness" is back probably due to a shift/surge in hormones and each day gets a little more uncomfortable but we are so so excited to meet our peanut! :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

{twenty-eight weeks}
ladies and gentleman...we are officially in the home stretch :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

{twenty-six weeks}
sad to say we've gotten to the point that no matter how many re-takes we do the picture just doesn't look good! probably the last day i will be wearing this shirt ;)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

{twenty weeks}
well, it's official i have made it through half of my pregnancy!!! it's funny the number of people i talk to that say "wow, that went by so fast" not exactly the feelings i have but i do have a feeling that these next twenty week are going to FLY BY! we had our 20 week ultrasound this week where they did all the tests on our little peanut and i'm so happy to say he passed with flying colors! coming in at 14oz with a heartbeat of 149...i was surprised because his heart rate has been in the 160's but the doctor said it was totally normal! i still don't have any "cravings" although i pretty much could throw down mexican food at ANY time :) still getting sick but not as often and i am loving feeling my sweet boy in my belly. it's usually first thing in the morning or at night while laying in bed but also a few times during the day he will give me a few punches just to say "hi mama." no matter what kind of day i'm having it makes everything okay and i can't help but have a huge grin on my face! i am excited to enter into this new phase of my pregnancy! very soon we will be picking out all our nursery furniture and lots of other baby stuff but most importantly everyday is one day closer to meeting our little man! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

{our baby boy}

i don't think i can put into words how it felt to find out we are having a baby BOY! i have always thought it was a little man in there but to have it confirmed and see him moving his arms up and down and putting his hand in his little mouth was just....amazing. we got a copy of the whole ultrasound on DVD and i have already watched it twice!!! it gets me so excited to hold and cuddle him in just a few short months! so much needs to be done before he gets here and seeing him today made it all so real! mama can't wait to meet you sweet little boy, and your daddy is absolutely over the moon in love with you already...not sure who cried more - me or him :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{happy new year!!!}
 i got to spend it with my bunny and peanut!!!!
 this one made it to 11:30pm
 this one on the other hand was out like a light at 10pm...when she walked in she said to me "aunt katie, i really want to watch the ball drop this year...but i didn't take a nap so i was thinking it might be a good idea if we tape my eyes open" well, we didn't tape her eyes open but i did tape the ball drop and we watched it in bed in the morning!!! :)
2012 was a great year filled with so many happy moments. i planned a wedding, married my love, watched two of my closest friends and my cousin walk down the aisle and most importantly i found out i will be a mama along side a man that will be the best daddy ... so even with all that, i say with a happy heart....bring it on 2013 i am so ready for you!