Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{happy new year!!!}
 i got to spend it with my bunny and peanut!!!!
 this one made it to 11:30pm
 this one on the other hand was out like a light at 10pm...when she walked in she said to me "aunt katie, i really want to watch the ball drop this year...but i didn't take a nap so i was thinking it might be a good idea if we tape my eyes open" well, we didn't tape her eyes open but i did tape the ball drop and we watched it in bed in the morning!!! :)
2012 was a great year filled with so many happy moments. i planned a wedding, married my love, watched two of my closest friends and my cousin walk down the aisle and most importantly i found out i will be a mama along side a man that will be the best daddy ... so even with all that, i say with a happy heart....bring it on 2013 i am so ready for you!

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